Shipping & Delivery

As a leading dry fruits wholesaler, we ship our products across the country at a nominal cost via Third Party Shipping Service Provider. The prices for shipment are automatically calculated by the service provider. We do not have any control over the prices of the same. The shipment cost will be borne by the clients.

After serving customers through our physical stores in Mumbai for 50 years, Thakkar Bros is embarking on online marketing through our e-commerce site. Customers from across the country can place their orders on our site and expect the same quality of products as they find in our physical stores. Now, customers across the country can enjoy premium dry fruits from Thakkar Bros at fair prices.

How to order?

You can visit our e-commerce site and browse through different categories of dry fruits, their distinctive features, and prices. You can select the products and let them collect in your online shopping cart. Finally, you complete the payment and check out. You can also order in cash-on-delivery (COD) format.  

How is your order processed?

When we receive an order for our dry fruits, it takes us a few hours to couple of days to process it based on the order. We have a back-end system where dry fruits are ready to be packaged as per the size of the order. As soon as we receive the order, we complete the packaging for immediate shipment.


Thakkar Bros. takes extreme care in selecting the right kind of packaging material and technology. We understand a shipment from our warehouse passes through many cities and warehouses to reach the customer’s home. It must have strong packaging to endure the entire process. Given this, we select the packaging material with due care and attention. The first layer of packaging consists of a plastic pouch containing the dry fruits. This pouch is bubble wrapped and put inside a corrugated box before handing over to our delivery partners for shipment.

How long does it take for your order to reach your home?

Our delivery partners include top-ranking companies that promise the fastest possible delivery of your shipment. While the exact delivery time of your order will depend on many factors, you can expect it in 1-2 days in the Mumbai region and 3-5 days for the rest of the country. The date of delivery provided by the shipping partners is an approximate date and can vary depending on multiple factors.

How much dry fruits can I order online?  

To process the orders quickly, our products on the e-commerce site are mentioned in terms of weights and prices. We have dry fruits in the weight units of 100, 250, 500, and 1000 grams. You can order them in the multiples of the unit available. For example, you can order as little as 100 grams and also 100 kg or more. If you order higher quantities of dry fruits, we have systems in place to execute it instantly.